Why   Tom   Glavine   is   my   fave   starter

You can blame Chipper Jones for me being a Tom Glavine Fan. I started collecting Chipper cards and wanted to see him play, so i watched a few games on T.V. Well the very first game I watched Chipper was out because fo a migrain. But I kept watching and i noticed the pitcher. Thinking wow he is good! I watched about 6 more games that season and ever game I watched he was pitching ( I did get to see chipper play). So I got a few of his cards and a few turned into over 200+ cards. But the icing on the cake was Tom's book "NONE BUT THE BRAVES". Reading that got me hooked. I found out what a great pitcher, player and person Tommy really is. Plus the fact that he is cute doesn't hurt.

I've never meet Tom since I live in kc and the Braves never play the Royals but I hope to try by going to seem the cards play. So with me luck.

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