Why   Jeff   Montgomery   is   my   fave   pitcher.

Since mid-season of 96 Jeff has been my fave player in baseball. I think he kind of grew on me. In 96 he was pitching hurt but no one know at the time. His era was going up and he gave up more home runs then he ever had. He also blew a lot of saves. So with all this he started getting booed when he came out. I really think it is sad when fans boo someone from their own team. Jeff keeping out but got the same results. So his season ended early with shoulder surgery. The first half of 97 started the same way. He even went to triple a and the DL for a while. He came close to retiring but for some reason he didn't. Then after the all-star break something clicked. He was back. He was getting outs and retired 32 batters in a row (one shy or the team record 33). After that he got all his save chances and got his ERA down to 3.49 after getting it up over 9.

During all this I guess I kinda stuck up for him. Telling the GA fans to wait and see. Jeff would recover, I would get into many debates about him, winning most and shocking most male fans. They couldn't believe a female could know something about sports beside a cute guy.

So while all this was going on, I got to know the player better and the a bit of the person too.

So that's it, in a nut shell of why he is my fave player in baseball.

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