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About Me!!!!!

This part is about me, the mastermind who put this page together. My name is Rachel nickname Rach and montymac. Don't really care for Rach. But there is a story to Montymac. In 96 i would go to most Royals games wearing a Montgomery or Macfarlane jersey. Some of the fans and workers didn't know my name so they would call me the Montymac girl. It just kinda stuck. Now i use it for most of my computer stuff.

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Just   my   facts

I'm 22 I work at a daycare (have for 4 years). I'm the head teacher for the 4-5 year olds.

I enjoy baseball (Royals and the Blades) football (Chiefs) and IHL hockey (Blades).

When the Royals are home I can always be found in Right field GA cheering the bullpen pitchers on. When they are on the road I either catch the Braves or Royals on t.v. with friends.

If no games are on it's off to the mall to check out the latest cards at the card shop or looking for new Beanies.

When the weather is nice i love to go horseback riding. There is nothing like it in the world. One of the best ways to relax. If the weather is crappy and none of the above work out I'm most likely chillen with friends for surfing the net to find out way cool stuff or on EBAY looking for that one thing I need for my collection

I collect cards mostly baseball (I've been told i collect to many players) and autographed 8x10's. And Beanie Babys why I don't know, I guess they are cute. I really like the bears ( way out of my price range) and the dogs and any cute ones.

I enjoy writing but never finish what I start.

I have two dogs Nikko and Smokey and a gunnie pig Ruddy. I also take care of 2 wild cats and two house cats ( they are really my moms but I help)

I live at home and have no kids and I'm single. I like most any kind of food and I'm very easy going something to easy going. I never worry to much and just go with life as is.

I think that is about it. I'll add more as I think of stuff.

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